Sunday, August 06, 2006


Justin, Dave W., Me, and Rick @ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Chris, Mark, Moon (and his watch), and I @ the Dive Bar.


What a great town!!! We (Rick, Moon, Justin, Dave W., and I) drove back into Cleveland for our lay over day. Arrived late afternoon, checked into the Holiday Inn Express downtown, just across the street from the House of Blues. Showered and got cleaned up. Moon decided he didn't like the brown color his hair had turned after the attempt to dye it blue, so he bought some black dye and proceeded to get his hair back to black. Justin decided on spots vs stripes , so Moon fixed him up! We then went to the Cleveland Chop House and Brewery, it just so happened that we ran into about 8 Big Riders that had decided to stay in Cleveland and ride to Burton the next day. What are the odds of that? We ate and drank and then explored the bar scene in the warehouse district, The Velvet Dog had a roof top patio, we drank there for a while, and then went down the street to The Dive Bar. No shit, that's it's name. The 20 something girl @ the door asked Moon for his ID, when I asked if she needed to see mine she said, "No thanks, but that is one cool Mohawk, old man!" Damn kids, anyway!!! We finished the night there and got back to the motel about 0100.

In the morning we got up, walked across the street to a greasy spoon for a cheap breakfast and then walked to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We spent 3-4 hrs there looking @ the exhibits, pretty cool! We arrived back in Burton about 1700.


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You ASSHOLE, You showed that Pic!?
I owe you one!!

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